Why PeerRX™?

PeerRX provides rapid access to Substance Use and Mental Health peer support services. Instead of using a phone to find peer support, PeerRX uses texts to alert area peers – finding help immediately for our most vulnerable population. In fact, the average time to find a peer with PeerRX is now under 10 minutes.

Regional networks leverage PeerRX to easily connect to area peer workforces and enhance peer engagement in their region. Leverage your network. Find peers fast. See our subscription plans here.

“PeerRX™ saves us so much time and these patients are guaranteed to be connected with someone.  In the past, there was a huge delay, so many patients would change their minds.  This is huge.”

~Jeanne Icolari, Point of Entry/Lead Case Manager in the ED, Montefiore Hospital

Peer Suppliers love PeerRX technology because now they find out about area peer service needs via text and immediately connect to individuals needing help. No more phone tag. See our subscription plans here.

Use PeerRX to connect to peer support services from these and many other facilities:

-Hospital ERs


-Drug Courts

-County call centers

-Outpatient clinics


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Mobile View of PeerRx. Click a button, Find a peer.

“With PeerRX, so far 100% of our patients transitioned into treatment!  That’s because we get notified sooner that a peer is on the way!”

~Kathleen S., Executive Director of Emergency and Trauma Services, Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Newburgh, New York.

See our subscription plans here.

PeerRX is easy and FREE! Simply REGISTER to use PeerRX as a location calling for peers – like a hospital- – or a facility that supplies peers – and you’ll be on your way!

PeerRX cited by the NIH

Check out a recent article by the NIH citing PeerRX and the NIH HEALing communities study here.

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Substance Use and Mental Health peer support specialists are now a click away with PeerRX.

Users of PeerRX are peer suppliers – – and facilities that utilize peer support services like hospital ERs, crisis call centers, drug courts to name a few.

No more phone tag. Click a Button. Find a Peer.

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Hey, did you hear? Booz Allen Foundation selected PeerRX out of 2896 innovation applications for their innovation challenge!

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State Opioid Response Regional Approach to Prevention, Treatment and Recovery to Address Opioid Use Disorder and Stimulant Use Disorder in New York State