connect to vital substance use and mental health services at the click of a button. no operator or third party needed. click to seconds.

Welcome to the first Uber-like app for healthcare.  PeerRX cuts the time to find an area peer from 1 hour and 40 minutes to under 10 minutes!  Click to Connect.™   #ENDOVERDOSE  #ENDSUICIDE

Used By:

Click to Connect™ Substance Use patients.

Hospital ERs are vital touchpoints to engage patients who recently overdosed. With PeerRX™, nurses simply click a button – and an eALERT™ finds help.

Smart Notification

Never miss a call for help again.

PeerRX records every alert that is broadcast out to your community – including facility name, time of day, need, caller’s name etc.  The result is a connected community with 24/7 monitoring – and analytics to help you gain insights into your community’s needs.

24/7 monitoring means that you can check PeerRX’s dashboard for activity- no matter what time of the day or night- making follow up a breeze.  Never miss a cry for help again.

PeerRX Network of Users

Join the PeerRX Network today so you can be part of the solution.

Join the PeerRX™ network if you are a Peer Agency or Supplier, Hospital, Crisis Call Center, Outpatient Clinic, Jail, Drug Court etc. Click to Connect. ™ PeerRX™.

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