Connecting Communities

Peers have proven to be very effective at engaging and supporting individuals, responding to crises, helping people navigate the system of care, and instilling hope and confidence in people seeking help for addiction and their family members.

PeerRX is a technology that enhances peer engagement by facilitating immediate connection to peers with text technology!

Take for example PeerRX’s use in Orange County, New York. At Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, PeerRX is used to call Substance Use, Mental Health and Co-occurring peers. In the first month of use, peer service referrals increased by 225% because the nurses found it easy to click a button – instead of searching for an available peer by phone. PeerRX cuts the time to find a peer from 1 hour and 40 minutes to under 10 minutes!

Network providers such as hospitals or outpatient providers can use PeerRX to request a peer. This request is then broadcast throughout the community network of peers – and an immediate connection is made to those in need.

PeerRX – facilitating peer engagement in minutes.