Connecting Communities

PeerRX is an Uber-like technology that facilitates 24/7/365 immediate connection to community peer support services for Substance Use, Mental Health and Co-occurring needs.

Customers have witnessed a 225% increase in referrals – just in the first month of use! Why? Because it’s easy to click a button for busy nurses and providers – and all other users. Everyone is joining the PeerRX network to find critical help for our most vulnerable population. PeerRX Click to Connect.

30-day free trial available. Learn about the subscription plans here.

All around the nation, providers in hospitals, outpatient BH centers, crisis call centers, agencies and even drug courts and community jails are using PeerRX.

PeerRX cuts the time to find an area peer in your community from 1 hour and 40 minutes to under 10 minutes! Click to Connect. Learn about the subscription plans here.

Come on, we know you get it! Why play phone tag? Join the PeerRX team to save lives and find help faster! 30-day FREE trial here.

Peer providers sign up their peers – like Uber signs up drivers. Simple!

Calling locations, such as hospitals simply sign up and they are ready to go!

If you’re a peer provider, don’t miss out. Sign up today and get on the PeerRX network. Sign up here.

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PeerRX – immediate connection. Click to Connect.

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