How much does PeerRX cost?

Like most apps out there today, there’s a FREE plan and other subscription plans to use PeerRX. On the free plan, you’ll get everything you need to make or receive peer requests.

If you want insights into the activity in your community with PeerRX’s reporting and analytics, there’s a subscription plan for you!

How does my facility subscribe?

Head to our PeerRX store. Pick the FREE, Basic or Professional Plan and you’re on your way! You’ll get a email link confirming your subscription and you’ll set up your facility!

I am a peer supplier. How does the nearby hospital and facilities that we serve know to text my peers?

PeerRX gives calling facilities the ability to select the peer suppliers they want to alert. You must subscribe to the FREE or a paid plan and then register your facility to receive area peer requests! Easy as 1, 2, 3.

When a facility enters a request for a peer, what will the alert text look like that PeerRX broadcasts?

Here’s a sample of a PeerRX alert text. It’s sent in seconds to your peer’s mobile phone once a facility requests help:

Sample PeerRX text broadcast to area peers.

I am a Peer. Can I sign up?

Yes, but you must be affiliated with a peer supplier or agency. Your peer supplier will enter you into PeerRX. PeerRX verifies all users within 24 hours. Click a button.  Find a peer. It’s that simple.

Subscribe for PeerRX now!

How will my peers know if they should deploy to the facility?

PeerRX will send them a text. It will say, “You have been awarded the referral. Proceed to the facility”.

If my hospital wants the app, how do I get it?

Simply go to sign up on the menu above or click here. Press the ORANGE button to register, enter your facility’s information and we’ll send you an email after you are verified (within 24 hours).

Can PeerRX run on my desktop and phone?

Yes! PeerRX can be accessed from your desktop, tablet, or any mobile phone.

As a peer supplier, can I get a report of the calls we answered by day/month/year?

Absolutely! PeerRX will provide subscribers with detailed reports. You can even export the data to Excel for your own analysis (with subscription)! Email us here for some sample reports.

How do I enter my peers into PeerRX so they can be alerted of area needs?

Simply subscribe to a plan, get approved (in less than 24 hours), and enter your peers! Peer-RX approves all requests to use the product (we want to be sure “real” agencies sign up to protect our users) and in 24 hours or less, you’ll be on the PeerRX network! You’ll be up and running to receive calls!

Does PeerRX store patient protected health information (PHI)?

No. PeerRX contains no patient information. Locations do not enter any patient information.

Need more information? Have questions? Email us!