Click to Connect. How does PeerRX work?

PeerRX is a network like Uber. It breaks down barriers and finds help fast! Calling facilities like hospitals, crisis call centers, drug courts join. Peer Suppliers join. When a calling facility like a hospital ER enters a request for a peer, area peers on the network are alerted via text to their mobile phone- and respond. PeerCHAT is available to encourage safe encounters via video conferencing.

We can call taxis easily – NOW we have PeerRX to connect and engage our most vulnerable populations.

How much does PeerRX cost?

Like most apps out there today, there’s a 30-day FREE plan and other subscription plans.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! PeerRX is easy to start using and requires little training – like under 5 minutes! Video Master Classes are available in our training portal for convenience. Nurses and peers have told us it took them under 5 minutes to understand! After all, how hard is it to click a button to find a peer or answer a text with “Y”?

What do the alerts look like that PeerRX broadcasts?

Here’s a sample of a PeerRX alert text. Once a caller – like a nurse requests help for their patient in PeerRX, your area peers will be alerted through a text like the one below:

Sample PeerRX text broadcast to area peers.
How do I Sign Up my facility to use PeerRX?

It’s easy as pie! It takes 10 minutes to Sign Up! All you do is pick a plan. Once approved, you will get an email and can log in to start using PeerRX!

How do I enter my peers into PeerRX so they can be alerted of area needs?

Simply subscribe to a plan, get approved (in less than 24 hours), and enter your peers! PeerRX approves all requests to use the product (we want to be sure “real” agencies sign up to protect our users) and in 24 hours or less, you’ll be on the PeerRX network! You’ll be up and running to receive calls!

How will my peers know if they were awarded the referral?

PeerRX will send them a text. It will say, “You have been awarded the referral. Proceed to the facility”.

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If I want the reports and analytics, how can I subscribe?

Head to our PeerRX store. Pick the FREE, Basic, Premium, or Platinum Plan and you’re on your way! You’ll get a email link confirming your subscription and you’ll set up your facility (takes under 10 minutes)!

Join us for our Wednesday “Lunch and Learns” at Noon to learn more about PeerRX.

Can callers tell PeerRX which peer suppliers to alert?

Yes. PeerRX gives calling facilities the ability to select the peer suppliers they want to alert.

What if my community only has 1 peer. Will PeerRX work for our agency?

Absolutely! PeerRX will record each and every request alert so it will be easy to follow up. During the day, your peer can check the PeerRX queue for information about what location requested peer services. You will never miss a peer referral again!

I am a Peer. Can I sign up?

Yes, but you must be affiliated with a peer supplier or agency. Your peer supplier will enter you into PeerRX. PeerRX verifies all users within 24 hours. Click a button.  Find a peer. It’s that simple.

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If my hospital wants the app, how do I get it?

Simply click here to go to the PeerRX store. Choose the 30-day free trial or a subscription program and you’re done! You’ll get a welcome email once approved – with a link to start entering your facility’s details.

Can PeerRX run on my desktop and phone?

Yes! PeerRX can be accessed from your desktop, tablet, or any mobile phone.

As a peer supplier, can I get a report of the calls we answered by day/month/year?

Absolutely! PeerRX will provide subscribers with detailed reports. You can even export the data to Excel for your own analysis (with subscription)! Email us here for some sample reports.

Join us for our Wednesday “Lunch and Learns” at Noon to learn more about PeerRX.

Does PeerRX store patient protected health information (PHI)?

No. PeerRX contains no patient information. Locations do not enter any patient information.

Need more information? Have questions? Email us!

Don’t forget! Join us for our Wednesday “Lunch and Learns” at Noon to learn more about PeerRX.

What if we have an MOU with our hospital to provide peer services and we only want the hospital to call us?

Easy! PeerRX has a setting to direct the peer alerts to specific peer pools! So that means calling locations (like hospitals) specify which peer suppliers it wants PeerRX to alert. No other area peers will get alerted but those “preferred” by the location. As a peer supplier, you must be registered on PeerRX to be included in the selection.