My Facility Supplies Peers

With PeerRX your peers will be alerted via text messaging the minute someone in your area needs substance use or mental health help.

Why would you still want to get phone calls and deal with paperwork when you have a simple Uber-like tool to alert your peers 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere? Pick a plan and sign up here.

In communities using PeerRX, agencies have reported an increase in referrals of over 225%. That’s because PeerRX makes it easy to find a peer.

Sign up is simple. Sign up, enter your peers and start getting text alerts. It takes 10 minutes!

PeerRX is used by area hospitals, crisis call centers, outpatient providers, drug courts etc. If you’re not on PeerRX, you won’t get your area’s alerts! If you have MOUs or existing relationships with area callers, then tell them about PeerRX!

Area Insights

Supervisors love PeerRX! Operational efficiency is increased and paperwork is reduced. Staffing is easy too! Why? PeerRX is always running in real-time, so you can check the dashboard (from your mobile or desktop) and easily find out about your area’s activity.

You can also run reports to find out about the area requests – like the requests your team answered, how long it took to answer them and the outcomes of the encounters! Learn more about reporting and analytics here.

Why wouldn’t you get PeerRX? It’s simple, fast, and easy.

Sign up now.