Getting Started

It’s easy to start using PeerRX!

The average time to sign up is under 2 minutes. Like Uber or any other easy app!

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If you’ll be calling for peer support – such as from a location like a hospital and you want your nurses or ED personnel to call for peers using PeerRX, simply sign up your location and start calling area peers. Make sure you talk to your peer suppliers and tell them also to sign up for PeerRX.

If you’re an agency/peer supplier, simply sign up to start receiving area peer alerts. You’ll sign up your agency, enter your peers and you’ll be good to go! It’s simple and fast.

PeerRX offers online training for your staff so you’ll be up and running in no time. PeerRX is as easy to learn as Uber. In seconds, you’ll be calling or receiving alerts with PeerRX!

Gain actionable insights on your community’s peer support needs. Learn about the reporting and analytics you will get with PeerRX.