Marisa Barbieri, CEO, Competitive Solutions, Inc.

The Founder of PeerRX, Marisa Barbieri, has over 20 years of healthcare technology innovation.  She designed and developed PeerRX in direct response to the loss of a family friend from an overdose.  During the struggle of her family friend she wondered why there wasn’t a way to easily connect those struggling with addiction to those who conquered it- to provide hope for recovery and information about community resources.. 

PeerRX was born 2 years following the death of her family friend, in his memory – and with the hope of connecting people to a warm hand of help, peers.  The app was launched in September 2019 and made the news in November 2019.

Prior to PeerRX, peer recovery support workers (AKA, “Peers”) were alerted to a need via the telephone from sites such as hospitals, county crisis call centers, drug courts, jails, etc.  Playing telephone tag while a patient sits in a bed, recovering from an overdose is inefficient and antiquated.  PeerRX introduces efficiencies into a system that was running as best as they could with antiquated technology. Now, there’s an innovation to help. PeerRX.

Personal Message from Marisa

Thank you for taking the time out to learn about PeerRX. Of all the systems that I have developed over my 25 year career in IT, PeerRX by far is the most fulfilling personally. I watched a child die after several visits to the ER. Maybe if he was connected to a peer and found the community support he needed, he would be alive today? Something I think about every day.

Our mission at PeerRX is to make sure that every person who cries out for peer support will get it. And, not only will PeerRX find someone faster but it will help find someone who matches their preferences (gender, age, language) – for long term engagement.

We call rides with an app, now we can call peers. Let’s help save lives together.

Please feel to contact me directly at marisa@peer-rx.com. I’d love to hear from you.