PeerRX is a technology platform that finds peers for people in need – fast.

Like Uber, there’s a caller who needs a peer – and the peer who can help.

The caller is a facility location like a hospital, drug court, crisis center etc.

The peer receives the caller’s need for help.

The caller uses PeerRX – instead of a telephone – to find an area peer. They simply press FIND A SUBSTANCE USE PEER, FIND A MENTAL HEALTH PEER or FIND A CO-OCCURING PEER using PeerRX.

PeerRX broadcasts the caller’s need for help to area peers – and finds the best match and most qualified peer for the caller’s need.

PeerRX alerts the caller that a peer is on the way and usually finds a peer in under 10 minutes.

Why play phone tag? Find peer support fast.

Click a Button. Find a Peer.

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