Facilitating an Immediate Link to Peer Support

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PeerRX™ is Uber-like technology that finds area peers fast! Used today in hospitals, drug courts and county crisis call centers, PeerRX™  has cut the average time to find a peer from 1 hour and 40 minutes to less than 10 minutes.  The app’s Uber-like ease of use has increased hospital ER referrals for peers 225%*.

No more telephone tag. Click a Button. ind a Peer.

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As a Point of Entry/Lead Case Manager in the ED at a Montefiore Hospital said, “Because our Emergency Department is so busy, we usually don’t have the ability to make multiple telephone calls in an effort to connect with a peer, and in many instances, we needed to leave a voice message [for the peers].  With the advent of PeerRX™, it takes 15 seconds to enter a request and we know it is being sent out to multiple agencies while we continue with other things.  PeerRX™ saves us so much time and these patients are guaranteed to be connected with someone.  In the past, there was a huge delay, so many patients would change their mind.  This is huge.” ~Jeanne Icolari

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“With PeerRX, so far 100% of our patients transitioned into treatment!  That’s because we  get notified sooner that a peer is on the way!”

Executive Director of Emergency and Trauma Services, a Montefiore Hospital, New York.

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