Why PeerRX™?

Here at PeerRX we are reimagining healthcare with digital technology.

We recognize that the path to healthy communities involves aligning and integrating systems to better serve the health of people. PeerRX is a technology platform that introduces barrier-free communication for communities of care.

We started PeerRX to help save as many lives as possible, as quickly as possible, from opiate-related overdose. How? Using technology to locate help FAST for our mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, fathers, uncles, aunts – so they find hope and strength before they slip again. That’s how.

Wouldn’t you want someone to come to your aid if you were stricken with a disease and didn’t know who to turn to? If you feel alone and misunderstood? PeerRX will find help for you – help that you want, that meets your needs. A female? Around age 21? Sure, PeerRX will find her. Not just someone. Someone that meets your needs. That makes all the difference in the world. You might just stay engaged. You even might recover.

Did you know? New evidence on peer support services for those seeking recovery from substance use disorder shows impact on reduced re-hospitalization rates, reduced relapsed rates, decreased emergency service utilization, decrease criminal justice involvement.

Imagine for a minute, your 23 year old son just overdosed and is in a hospital emergency room waking up. Now imagine, a nurse asks him if he wants a peer – someone like him who went through the same experience – to help him. Your son says “YES”, but the peer who shows up is a 62-year old woman. Do you think that peer connection would work to engage him? Well, maybe – but you can intuitively bet – probably not.

PeerRX’s INTELLI-MATCH technology works in seconds to find the BEST peer match for the patient. We believe that the “match” is the life-saving opportunity that will increase the chances of engagement. And we’re collecting data to prove it.

“With PeerRX, so far 100% of our patients transitioned into treatment!  That’s because we  get notified sooner that a peer is on the way!”

Kathleen Sheehan, Executive Director of Emergency and Trauma Services, Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Newburgh, NY.

In fact, since PeerRX’s introduction, 100% of the patients that PeerRX matched peers with transitioned into treatment. 100%. Here’s some more stats:

  • PeerRX reduces the time it normally takes to find peer support from 1.4 hours to under 7 minutes. This reduction in response time increases the chances of patient engagement.
  • PeerRX increased the number of peer referrals from a single community hospital by 225% in 1 month proving the technology is easy to use and barrier-free.
  • PeerRX informed area peer staffing – reporting trends in area peer requests – to help staff up for the needs of their community.

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