join the peerrx network and find AREA SUBSTANCE USE, MENTAL HEALTH AND CO-OCCURRING PEER support - in seconds.

Here’s how it works: Sites that need peers join PeerRX™ including hospitals, outpatient clinics, drug courts, crisis call centers, policePeer providers join PeerRXand enter their peers.  Sites use PeerRX™ to request a peer – and local peers respond in secondsUse technology to engage and reach more people in need.   Click to Connect.™  Let’s save lives.   #ENDOVERDOSE  #ENDSUICIDE

Used By:
For Sites Needing Peers

Click to Connect™. Use a mobile or desktop and select the type of peer you want to find. In seconds- a local peer will answer.

Providers, police, first responders – or anyone looking for peer help needs PeerRX.  It takes under 2 minutes to join the PeerRX network family – and under 2 minutes to learn how to use it.

For Peer Providers

Peers: Get text alerts right to your cell phone.

PeerRX connects communities.  Sites use the app to alert peers of a need and – in seconds – the area peers are notified.  The result is a 24/7 connected community helping those who need hope and support.  

Peer facilities rely on PeerRX to help them respond within minutes – instead of the old way via telephone which can take HOURS.

Join the revolution.  Join the PeerRX network of users.  Pick a subscription plan and in minutes you’ll be answering alerts.

PeerRX Network of Users

Join the PeerRX Network today so you can be part of the solution.

Join the PeerRX™ network if you are a Peer Agency or Supplier, Hospital, Crisis Call Center, Outpatient Clinic, Jail, Drug Court etc. Click to Connect. ™ PeerRX™.

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