the peerrx network connects individuals with opioid use disorder or mental health needs to qualified local peers - in seconds. Click a button. find a peer.

Partners can join the PeerRX network to find immediate connections to care via peer support services or recovery coaches from emergency rooms, detox facilities, crisis centers, or similar settings.

Join the PeerRX network if you are a site needing peers  or you have a peer team.  

PeerRX , a technology platform that introduces barrier-free communication to coordinate community peer resources. 

Click to Connect.

How PeerRX Works

 Step 1:  Sites like hospitals, crisis centers and police stations click a button when a peer is needed on the PeerRX app.
Step 2: In seconds, area peers are alerted via text by PeerRX and respond if available.
Step 3:  PeerRX selects a peer from the response pool of peers and the peer immediately goes to the location.  


For Peer Providers

Area peers get text alerts

Sites like hospitals, crisis call centers, and police stations use PeerRX to find help for individuals in crisis.  In seconds – area peers respond.  The result is a 24/7 connected community helping those who need hope and support.