Find certified, local substance use and mental health peers in minutes.

Expand access to peer services by joining the PeerRX network.  If you’re a peer provider, join the PeerRX network so your peers will be included in the local alerts.  If you’re a caller like a hospital, crisis team, police station, primary care provider, clinic, etc. join to access your local peers in under 10 minutes.

Use PeerRX  technology to improve community coordination and linkage to peer services!  

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How PeerRX Works

 Step 1:  Nurses, doctors, police officers, crisis call operators – use the PeerRX app and select the peer they need.  Options are substance use, mental health or co-occurring.  
Step 2: In seconds, area peers are alerted via text and respond if available.
Step 3: The selected peer deploys to the site specified or enters a video chat.  

For Peer Providers

Area peers get text alerts

Sites like hospitals, crisis call centers, and police stations use PeerRX to alert their preferred peer providers on the PeerRX network.  In seconds – the area peers respond.  The result is a 24/7 connected community helping those who need hope and support.