How do I schedule a demo?

 Easy!  You can auto-schedule your demo by going to our contact page and picking a date and time.  You will get a Zoom link and confirmation email.  See you soon!

How does PeerRX know what peers to alert?

Simple!  During PeerRX set up, the calling/referral site – such as a hospital – selects the local peer providers it wants PeerRX to alert. Peer providers on the PeerRX network will be listed in their area.  The site usually has an MOU with the peer provider(s) and already worked out the reimbursement and service protocol prior to using PeerRX.  For example, if HospitalABC has an MOU with  PeerTeamUSA, then during the set up of PeerRX (a 2 minute process), HospitalABC would select PeerTeamUSA as their preferred peer provider.  Only PeerTeamUSA would be alerted.

Does PeerRX help with billing?

 PeerRX tracks the time and outcome of the first engagement.  With the Premium Plan, users can download reports and extract what they need for their billing following their normal protocol for reimbursement.  

How does my site join the PeerRX network?

Simple!  Just pick a subscription plan.  Once your site is verified, you can start using PeerRX!  Takes minutes!

How is a referral award determined?

 PeerRX awards referrals based on the criteria entered by the site.  Gender, language and age preferences can be entered by the site – and PeerRX will select the best match from the pool of peers that are available and answered the alert.  We can show you more on a demo!  We’ll be happy to explain!  It’s important to note that peer referrals tend to increase with PeerRX!  In fact, one of our peer providers reported a 225% increase in peer referrals during the first month from a single hospital alone!  That’s because PeerRX makes it easy to find peer services!

How much does it cost to join the PeerRX Network?

PeerRX is subscription based.  For an unlimited number of alerts and users, your monthly subscription is $289/month with access to the reports and analytic dashboard.  Click here for other plans.