We have used PeerRX in our Crisis Call Center since 2019 and find it a valuable innovation to help us support individuals struggling with substance use disorders. PeerRX is an alert app that our counselors use to connect people in mental health or substance use disorder crisis to peer services and supports. Innovative technologies like PeerRX help centers like ours to efficiently connect individuals to necessary supports

Darcie Miller, Commissioner of Mental Health and Social Services, Orange County, New York.


How do I schedule a demo?

 Easy!  You can auto-schedule your demo by going to our contact page and picking a date and time.  You will get a Zoom link and confirmation email.  See you soon!

How does PeerRX work?

It’s simple!  PeerRX sends a text message to registered peers on the PeerRX network who match the individual’s needs and preferences. The peers then respond to the text indicating they are available and the peer who is the best match to respond is directed to the location of the
individual in need.  Game changing, right?

How does my site join the PeerRX network?

Simple!  Just call us and we’ll register you on the network.  We’ll also tell you who else in your area is on PeerRX.  Takes under 4 minutes!

Does PeerRX have peers too?

No.  PeerRX is a communication platform.  Area peer agencies and suppliers join and make up the pool of peers that PeerRX alerts.  One of our peer providers reported a 225% increase in peer referrals during the first month from a single hospital site. That’s because PeerRX makes it easy for sites to alert for help/ peer services!

How much does it cost to join the PeerRX Network?

PeerRX is subscription based.  For an unlimited number of alerts and users, your monthly subscription is $289/month with access to the data and analytic dashboard.  Click here for other plans.