Why PeerRX™?

PeerRX™, is the new Uber-like technology used to connect people to substance use and mental health peer support – in seconds.

Scenario: Johnny overdoses. He is transported to the hospital. The hospital’s ER team revives Johnny. It’s time for Johnny to be discharged from the hospital. Does Johnny walk out by himself or with an area peer to help him navigate the system and better connect to services for recovery? Well, that depends. It usually takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to find area peer help. The ER has to call around – and find a peer. Think Johnny is going to wait? With PeerRX, a peer is found in under 10 minutes. How? The nurse uses the PeerRX app and – at the click of a button – a text alert is broadcast to all area peers. No more phone tag. Click a Button. Find a Peer. Game changer, life saver.

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Scenario 2: Susie is depressed and is having feelings of suicide. She calls her county crisis center. Since it’s the middle of the night, the operator asks Susie if she’d like to video chat with a peer support specialist to help her. She says, “Please”. The operator uses PeerRX to alert the area peers. A peer answers the alert text, clicks a button and – in seconds – is video chatting with Susie. Sound better than having Susie wait until the next day for help? We think so. PeerRX. Game changer, life saver.

Hospital ERs are vital touchpoints to engage patients who recently overdosed. With PeerRX™, nurses simply click a button – and peer support is seconds away. Join the PeerRX™ network.

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With PeerRX, so far 100% of our patients transitioned into treatment!  That’s because we get notified sooner that a peer is on the way!”

~Kathleen S., Executive Director of Emergency and Trauma Services, Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Newburgh, New York.

Infusing tech into the care journey. About time.

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