PeerRX is FREE. A subscription is available to access reports after a 30 day trial.

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Unlimited usage of PeerRX is FREE. Yes, that’s right. We want your location to have PeerRX free. If you want reporting detailing the requests made, the peers that answered, how long the peers took to answer, etc. you can subscribe for $129/month. You’ll get the reports for the first 30 days FREE!

For Peer Callers – Hospitals, Call Centers, BH Urgent Care Centers

After you sign up, tell your peer agencies that you’ll be using PeerRX to request peers. They can jump on and sign up too. AND- you can set up PeerRX to only call the peer suppliers that you have agreements with or you prefer in your area. In minutes, you’ll be sending peer requests!

For Agencies or peer suppliers

After you sign up, you will enter your peers. It takes less than 10 minutes for both! Tell your providers that you’re using PeerRX . Send them here to sign up! If you have special relationships with peer callers such as hospitals, call centers, courts, jails, BH Urgent Care Centers, etc., PeerRX can be set to only select your peers. In minutes, you’ll be receiving requests!

Email us your questions. We are here to help you.