Pricing thru June 2021 only!

For the price of less than a monthly cable bill, your facility can start saving lives.

PeerRX offers 4 subscription plans. 30-day FREE trial, Basic, Professional, and Platinum.

30-day FREE PLAN: Use PeerRX for 30 days for FREE! We’ll even give you 30 days of reporting and analytics at no charge. Head to our online store and subscribe to the FREE plan. Connect your community now!.

BASIC PLAN: With the Basic Plan, you get access to your community and peer response activity report and can download the data for your own analysis.

Head to our online store and subscribe now!

PROFESSIONAL PLAN: Gain insights into your community needs with PeerRX’s dashboard of visual analytics. Check out the example below. Data presented in the format below will help inform your operations and give you powerful insights into your community’s peer needs. Empower your team with data to make informed decisions. Subscribe now!

PLATINUM PLAN: Get the PeerRX Platinum Plan to access all functionality from our Professional Plan and our telepractice service to easily connect patients with health services.  Subscribe now!

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