Reporting and Analytics

PeerRX is running 24/7/365 and logs every caller’s peer request! This means robust reporting for you!

When a caller requests a peer, they specify what type of peer (Substance Use, Mental Health, Co-occuring), gender, language, age preferences etc. PeerRX logs the month, day, year, time of the request. All this data can be yours to analyze!

Paid subscribers get access to the robust data in PeerRX. Your subscription plan will determine your level of access to PeerRX‘s insights and information.

Here are some insights you can get from PeerRX’s data.

· What is the call volume for substance use (SU), mental health (MH), and co-occurring peers by location (hospital and crisis call center)?

· How many peer requests were not met (request expired, peer not found)?

· Of the peer requests expired, how many requests were later claimed within 24 hours in PeerRX and handled?

· What is the volume by day of the week?  Does any day have more volume than others?  Are we staffing for this volume?

· What is the volume by time of day?  Any pattern or popular request times?  Are we staffing at these times?

·What agencies provided the peer help by type (SU, MH, CO)?

·Who were the top peer providers by agency?

·How many peers, by agency are certified? 

· How many certified (vs. non-certified) peers were deployed?


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