My Facility Requests Peers

Click to Connect. Why use the phone?

Do you request area peer support services? Are you a hospital, provider, drug court, crisis center etc?

Now use PeerRX, an Uber-like app to immediately find peers for your most vulnerable population. Sign up here.

In 1 simple click, PeerRX will alert area peers to your need and notify you in less than 10 minutes if a peer is found.

“PeerRX™ saves us so much time and these patients are guaranteed to be connected with someone.  In the past, there was a huge delay, so many patients would change their minds.  This is huge.”

~Jeanne Icolari, Point of Entry/Lead Case Manager in the ED, Montefiore Hospital

Sign up is easy and simple. Enter your facility name, pick from the area peer suppliers in your area already on PeerRX and start calling for support in seconds.

Every request matters.

Area Insights

Gain insights from the data in PeerRX. Run reports to learn about your facility’s recent requests. Our dashboard in Reporting and Analytics will provide your facility with deep insights about your area’s needs such as:

  • Peer Request volumes by day, month, time
  • Type of calls your facility most often makes (Substance Use, Mental Health or Co-occurrig)
  • Average time it takes for peers to respond
  • Top peer suppliers servicing your needs
  • …and many more.

Don’t get left behind. Join the progressive thinkers. Sign up today.